Re-Certificatin of the Quality Management System of OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH

In March 2017 OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH was certified according to the new DIN ISO 9001:2015. The Auditors highlighted the well-structured risk and chance based Project Approach as a great strength. OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH staff was attested a high competence in meeting client's requirements with distinctive quality awareness.

In 2012 the ISO member organizations agreed to a formal global Review of ISO 9001. The majority of the survey's participants confirmed the Need to revise the norm. Essential alterations are related to process and result orientation, to measurability of process steps, to risk orientated Approach and an active stakeholder Management.

Since 2009 OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH has continuously held a certificate according to DIN ISO 9001. Due to the importance of September 2015 revision of IDN ISO 9001 and related new requirements, the general management decided on a short term implementation and put it on top of the internal priority list.