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Evelyn Kolbe

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Amtsgericht Leipzig-Stadt HRB 24484
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OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH
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OBERMEYER Project Management GmbH in cooperation with OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH

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Copyright for pictures:

Art Gallery Mannheim: Brigida Gonzales

BASF - Bauhaus Projekt & Office Building D105, Ludwigshafen: BASF SE

BDC, Mannheim: sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH

Berliner Str. 95, Munich: Marcus Buck

BMW plant Leipzig: M. Klindtworth, C. Busse

BMW plant Eisenach: BMW AG

Covestro Campus Lot1, Leverkusen: HENN

Deutsche Oper am Rhein: J. Michel

DHL Leipzig: DHL/DPWN & U. Schoßig

DZ Bank Cityhaus 2, Frankfurt/Main: Wonge Bergmann

EAT A300-600: H. Pohlkamp/ASE

Fraunhofer-Institute Bremerhaven: IWES Bremerhaven

Fraunhofer-Institute Jena: IOF Jena

Fraunhofer IIS Nuremberg: Marcus Ebener

Geothermal energy and district heating, Gruenwald: HuP

Industrial estate Halle-Saalkreis: Business development city of Halle/H. Fechner

Jena University hospital: woernerundpartner

Jungbusch creative industry centre: Hartwig Schneider Architekten

Koelnmesse 3.0, Cologne: Koelnmesse / JSWD Architekten

LWB, Leipzig: Peter Usbeck

Maximiliansplatz 5, Munich: Ochs Schmidhuber Architekturgesellschaft mbH

Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Goettingen: Marcus Ebener

Montessori primary school, Cologne: HeuerFaust Architects

Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg: Bold GmbH & Co. KG

Primary and secondary school am Sportpark, Unterhaching: Krug-Großmann Architekten

Sport Concert Complex "Crystal Hall": Zamin Jafarov Matlab

TVG Duesseldorf: caspar. (formerly meyerschmitzmorkramer)

Obermeyer Corporate Group & Code of Conduct: Fotolia